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Traceberry's augmented reality App is the first of it's kind to hunt for special offers in real world enviroments adding a new shopping experience mixed with fun and value.

Our Story

In a faraway galaxy, there once was a planet named Planet Berries. Alien monsters lived on this planet and fed on the delicious berries that grew there. The monsters lived happily on their planet for many years, until one day, Planet Berries was hit with an asteroid and was destroyed. All the berries flew away through the galaxy and landed on Planet Earth. These berries found all kinds of shops as good places to hide in, and they became offers and discounts. Only one monster survived the blast, but he was very hungry, so he followed the berries to Planet Earth. He now searches for offers and discounts in the shops, where the bigger the offer, the more satisfied the monster is. Your mission is to help the monster survive by hunting the hidden berries and feeding him.

Traceberry App Screenshots

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Traceberry App free?

Yes. It's free to use and always will be.

Do you charge a fee on offer redemption?

No. As a user, Traceberry does not charge you any fees.

If I have a technical problem, who should I contact?

You can contact us at anytime on and our support team will get back to you.

I would like to change or reset my password?

Traceberry does not store account password,if your registered via facebook please visit facebook's help center, if you registered via your email account please click on Forgot Password on the App and check your email to reset your password.

What operating systems does Tracebery operate on?

Traceberry App works on IOS or Andriod device.

How the user can create an account on Traceberry?

Traceberry App users can create an account through email or facebook.

Why Bluetooth & Location should be enabled?

Traceberry is a geo and location-based platform, therefore, it only works when your Location service and Bluetooth are enabled.

What data we collect?

We only require your email ID to send you account settings and to reset your password.

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